Nathan (Managing Director) with his family.

About US

Get to know us.

Our “family first” approach to business demonstrates to our partners and customers the most important things in life are indeed one another.

Our Directors and Families together strive to embrace the  derivatives of the Hemp Plant to maximise Health and Nutrition to contribute in a positive way to our customers and their family’s health.

Health is so close to our hearts, none more so than our Founder Richard De Haast. Richard is a true survivor from aggressive head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Prognosis was bleak with an anticipated life expectancy of less than 8 months. However a group of compassionate Surgeons and Oncologists proceeded with treatment that consisted of invasive surgeries followed by horrific chemotherapy and radiation treatments in 2011. Richards’ regime of healthy living and the use of our hemp-based products have resulted in almost 8 years in remission.

We have taken our hemp product range to the next level by producing a camel milk and hemp oil range of skin and hair care products. The camel milk component came as a result of an extensive research and development program. We found by blending the two components as a base ingredient due to their noncomodogenic and healing properties, we were able to synthesize an amazing innovative product range.

When speaking to people about our product it seemed that everyone had some form of skin problem. With this information we formulated various products aimed at helping alleviate these conditions, before finalising our formulas. We then tested the products on our family and friends until we had that winning formula.

Our goal is to make a unique product that really works, is priced in a way that makes it affordable and simple to use. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “miracle cure” and won’t work for everyone, so please let us know and we will keep trying to find something that may aid your condition.

Truth By Nature

Nathan and Richard have worked together for more than twenty years. A close friendship developed through their many trials and tribulations and through similar interests they have shared. 

When Richard and his family went through the hardship Cancer carries with it, Nathan was always ready to step in and offer assistance in any way he could. 

Having been through the traumatic experience of almost losing a close friend Nathan was keen to follow Richard’s path of healthy living and learning what the benefits of hemp seeds and their by-products have for the body. Nathan has taken this knowledge to the next level by transitioning into the agricultural arena.

He has cultivated a number of small hemp crops which allowed the extraction and testing of its properties in our range of cosmetics. Further investigations lead our team to include the benefits of camel milk in our products and in doing so Truth By Nature was born.

Nathan has proven himself to be a trustworthy, compassionate family man with strong morals and values – these qualities have been the driving motive for electing Nathan as our Director. .