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Hand Soap Bars 4 Pack


Truth By Nature Hand Soap Bars are handmade and have been carefully crafted to cleanse skin of impurities without the use of harsh ingredients like parabens and sulphates that are known to be drying and irritating.

Instead, we use high-grade Australian plant oils that leave skin clean and moisturised thanks to our slow-set cold process soap making methods that maintain the healing properties of the oils.

Our scented products are fragranced using pure essentials oils, which means you can experience full eromatic bliss without the stress of skin irritating perfumes! Each piece is cut by hand to 100g.

“I love this soap…it comes in a range of natural fragrances and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated rather than tight and stripped like other soaps.”


“This soap is great as it nourishes your skin without drying it out like other soaps do.
I recommend this to everyone who enjoys soap, especially those with dry skin.”


“…the soap was absolutely brilliant when it comes to removing grease and grime after working on my 4 x 4. My partner and I suffer with ultra sensitive skin and cannot use products with artificial flavouring/colours, we find most products for sensitive skins still contain some ingredients that leave us with itchy, flacks skin – TBN products are amazing, they smell great and leave your skin clean and moisturised”

Robbie B

“I have suffered with psoriasis all my life and find the condition is exasperated when working in the heat and dust when onsite, I have tried the TBN natural soap and TBN healing balm – brilliant work guys, this stuff really works – you’ve got a supporter for life”

Lee W

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I was given a complimentary pack that consisted of a bar of natural soap and healing balm that I gave to my son’s girlfriend- she has suffered with eczema from a baby and over 20 years has been on a number of cruel medications to keep her skin under control – your product has not only given her relief but almost most of her problem areas seem to have cleared up. I know she is going to do her own testimonial with photos but just needed to say thank you”

Tanya R